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1ok Corporate Information

1ok is a start-up publishing company; we

focus on graphic fiction (i.e., web & print comics, graphic novels) and

target online and mobile readers

 1ok is creating an open-source comic universe, with

characters who master the science of suspended animation, and

travel through time into to a bright, beautiful future

 1ok is commissioning pilot stories, that

establish core characters and plots, and

are contributed to the public domain

 The Artist and Living the Dream are 1ok’s first public domain stories

The Artists stars a graphic & martial artist who has been travelling through time for centuries and now lives among Wall Street occupiers and Tea Party protestors in New York City

Living the Dream revolves around someone like many of us.

 1ok is also commissioning pilot stories, that

feature proprietary versions of our core characters and stories, and

are intended for commercial exploitation across multiple media

 Wake the F#ck Up is 1ok’s first proprietary story; it

picks up where Go the F#ck to Sleep left off, and

ends with two teens joining the Occupy Wall Street movement

 To start, 1ok will publish digital storyboards; these are

a series of single-panel illustrations (with dialog and narration)

designed for distribution across multiple digital platforms

 1ok is developing an innovative digital storyboard player, that

provides and immersive reader experience,

a creator-friendly interface for loading stories

 1ok will establish a network of creators, who

contribute stories to the open source universe, and

publish proprietary stories using the digital storyboard player

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