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1ok Form Contracts


Agreement to collaborate on works and contribute to the public domain

Dated as of __/__/2012

The Parties :

 Talent: [name]­­­­­_________, [address]___________

 1ok: Bill Jemas, doing business as 1ok,  Princeton, NJ

 The Parties agree as follows:

Collaboration and Contribution

 The Parties shall collaborate on creative work (the “Work”) on a story set in a common creative universe (the “Transverse Universe”) which has been: (i) established by 1ok, (ii) contributed by 1ok, (and others) to the public domain and (iii) featured on transverseuniverse.com.

 Each Party hereby assigns all right, title, interest etc., to all creative materials that comprise the Work (the “Rights”) to the public domain (the “Contribution”); shall sign all documents that may be needed to confirm the Contribution, and hereby designates the other Party as agent, and grants power of attorney, for the purpose of signing any such documentation.

 Neither party shall be restricted from using the Contributed Work.  Either party may create a proprietary version of the Contributed Work, e.g. by rescripting dialog and/or redrawing illustrations.

 Consideration and Compensation

 Each party accepts the collaboration of the other as good and valuable consideration for this Agreement.

 Neither party shall be responsible for compensating the other for the Work or the Contribution.

 Original Artwork

 Each party shall maintain ownership of original, physical copies of the Work that the respective party is primarily responsible for generating (“Originals”).

 Talent may authorize 1ok to try to sell Originals; 1ok shall try to sell the Originals and shall pay of gross sales proceeds to Talent.

 Relationship and Legal Action

 Each party is an independent contractor.

Neither party shall take legal action against the other claiming infringement of Rights.

 Agreed to and accepted by:

Talent, [name] ______. [signature]  ________________________________


1ok, by Bill Jemas, ______________________________________________

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