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Open Source Universe – Creator Owned Stories

Transverse Universe  is the world’s first open source comic universe

Free for all

Public Domain: Transverse Universe (“TU”) consists of characters and stories that anyone can use, any way they want.

TU is like Greek, Roman, Norse, Anglo-Saxon legends, Bible stories, historical figures.

But TU is created by and for comic book and graphic novel creators and readers

  1ok is commissioning origin and/or pilot stories for a handful of core characters,

and donating  them to the public domain via a creative commons license.

anyone can read or use this public domain content for free

no one can own original stories and characters

the first two public domain stories are “Enter a1 – 2012 ” and “Live the Dream”

 Everyone is welcome to contribute to this common, open-source universe

1ok is working out a contribution system and hopes to set it up soon

we have drafted a form contribution contract which you can find below

1ok will not try to control the content, but

will manage the network, putting the best content in front of the biggest audience

set up systems for selling advertising/artwork, offer media/licensing agency services, and

make money – mostly from commissions

Creator Owned – you can “privatize”  and own a version of any TU character or story

just like

Marvel has its version of Thor and

Disney has its version of The Little Mermaid.

To “privatize” a story, you need to make it your own by adding your creativity

e.g, by redrawing the panels and re-scripting the text

the more original the story, the more “own-able” it will be

 1ok is commissioning proprietary versions  of the first TU stories

this content will be owned by the participating investors, creative and business people

1ok is working out the legal and financial systems and hopes to set them up soon

The first two stories will be:

“Wake the F#ck UP” an homage to “Go the F#ck to Sleep”

“a1- 2032”

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